Mara Elephant Project
MEP team shot MEP successful collaring
MEP team shot
MEP successful collaring

Mara Elephant Project



Mara Elephant Project (MEP) was founded by Richard Roberts and Liz Fusco of Richard’s Camp in the Masai Mara Kenya in 2011.

About Us

MEP deals with sensitive elephant mortality data, location information as well as acting a rapid response anti poaching units for the protection of elephants and all other wildlife within the extended Masai Mara ecosystem. To date through the data collected from our collared elephants and intelligence collected on the ground we have identified poaching hot spots and reacted with our teams reducing poaching on some areas by 95%. MEP has raised independent funding to seed the founding of a new conservancy on the boundaries of the Mara. The elephant data collected from the collared animals has identified this as a preferred area for the Mara elephant population.

Mission Statement

To conserve and manage the elephant population in Kenya's Masai Mara.


MEP projects have included the following: CRICKET IN THE MARA - The Mara Elephant Project was featured during the Cricket in the Mara event in June 2013. Some sporty Kenyan supporters took to the pitch and held a tournament raising funds for the Mara Elephant Project. WALK FOR WILDLIFE – Crowdrise Campaign: Dr. Asuka Takita and Raabia Hawa, two passionate wildlife conservationists of Asian descent, walked 300km+ each across the Mara in Kenya and Tanzania to raise awareness and funds for elephants, rhinos and lions. RAPID RESPONSE TRAINING - 51 DEGREES: Through a strategic partnership with the Mara Conservancy, 9 Rapid Response Unit rangers from the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) completed an intense 28-day training on the Tanzanian border. The training package included: basic fitness, normal safety precautions, contact drills, ambush drills, patrol drills, area searches, medic training, range training, asset training (aircraft, dogs, etc.), navigation training, and observation point training. The Mara Elephant Project’s Rapid Response Team is now better trained to handle the changing environment of wildlife conservation. TRANSMARA PUBLIC AWARENESS: One of the essential steps in effectively protecting elephants is finding ways to engage the local communities in the Mara in wildlife conservation education and to mediate human-animal conflict. The MEP team held two speaker engagements in the Transmara region as part of our ongoing community campaign. The public awareness initiative focused on engaging the community to offer support against poaching. Empowering the community to alert the MEP Team and to report wildlife crimes can greatly influence elephant populations’ chances for survival.

Our Successes

MEP works in partnership with the local County Government, Kenya Wildlife Service, Tourist Operators and local communities in a unified approach for conservation. Over the last 12 months 84 poachers & dealers with many successful prosecutions to date.

Get Involved

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Contact and Social Media

To find out more, visit Mara Elephant Project's website.

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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