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Lalibela Game Reserve Lalibela Game Reserve
Lalibela Game Reserve
Lalibela Game Reserve

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Lalibela Private Game Reserve is located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, only an hour away from Port Elizabeth and close to the Addo Elephant National Park, which means it is not only malaria free, but spans 5 ecosystems, resulting in a breath-taking diversity of flora and fauna.

The word 'Lalibela' means "the bees recognise his sovereignty" in Old Agaw (a semitic language of Ethiopia) and the game reserve was named after the king of Ethiopia,Gebre Mesqel Lalibela who reigned in the early 13th century. He was given the name "Lalibela" due to a swarm of bees said to have surrounded him at his birth, which his mother took as a sign of his future reign as Emperor of Ethiopia. A stylized bee motif forms an intergral part of the reserve's branding and can be seen decorating areas from the reception building through to the lodges.

Lalibela Private Game Reserve consists of 8,555 hectares (approximately 21,140 acres) and is home to the Big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo & leopard) as well as other predators like cheetah, hyena, jackal & lynx. All of the animals at Lalibela, including the predators, are free-roaming throughout the entire game reserve.

The 3 main aspects of any African safari are the game-viewing, the accommodation and the food. At Lalibela special care is taken to ensure that heartfelt service combines with these three “ingredients” to make your Big 5 African safari experience a memorable one.

Lalibela brings you the charm of authentic Africa and is a perfect blend of the formal and informal.


South Africa


At Lalibela Private Game Reserve we pride ourselves on our ability to offer guests the best in Big 5 game viewing. We are blessed to have phenomenal sightings of the Big 5 as well as the various other species that visitors so enjoy seeing.

In addition to the larger, more known wild animals, Lalibela has various lesser-known species and our rangers delight in exposing our guests to these - the curious spring hare is as fascinating as the mighty African elephant!

Apart from the wide variety of wildlife, there is a plethora of birdlife to be found on Lalibela - the keen birder can expect to spot birds on safari, at the lodge or even from the viewing deck of their room!

Need to Know

Lalibela Game Reserve and Safari Lodge is located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa,  which means it is malaria free.


Exciting Game Drives. Early morning and sunset game drives in an open vehicle with an experienced game ranger bring you face to face with a multitude of game species.

Excellent Game Viewing. Experience a multitude of game species ranging from the mighty elephant, lionrhino and buffalo to the tiny blue duiker and rock hyrax.

Lalibela Game Reserve is also home to cheetahhyenahippogiraffezebra, warthog and numerous species of antelope, such as eland, kudu, bushbuck and wildebeest.

On thrilling sunset drives under the vast African sky, we also search for the elusive bat-eared fox, aardvark, black-backed jackal, aardwolf and the curious spring hare.

We have devised a children’s programme which we feel optimises the safari experience with quality family time. There is a special game drive vehicle for childrenand they are taken by their own ranger for shorter game drives, where care is taken to avoid close encounters with dangerous game.

Wildlife HighlightsWildlife Highlights

Each room at Lalibela Private Game Reserve has a Wildlife Checklist booklet, in which guests can tick off sightings of mammals, birds, reptiles, tortoises & terrapins, snakes, and amphibians. A section on grass, plants and trees is also included for flora identification.

The booklet includes the scientific order and family (latin name) and common names of each species listed and found on the reserve.


The are 3 accommodation options on Lalibela Private Game Reserve, and a 4th tented camp option is currently under construction and due to open in October 2016.

The current options include Lentaba Safari Lodge, Tree Tops Safari Lodge, and Mark's Camp. 

Lentaba sleeps 16 people in eight secluded thatched chalets, placed where magnificent indigenous gardens merge into the surrounding bush.

Tree Tops differs from the other lodges in that it is a tented camp. Tree Tops sleeps 10 people in 5 luxury safari tents that are perched high on thatched platforms at “tree top” level and are joined by raised walkways that afford spectacular views over the thickly-wooded valley.

Mark's Camp is the only lodge on the reserve that caters for families with children. Mark's Camp sleeps up to 20 guests in eight chalets (4 twin rooms on one side of the lodge and 4 family rooms on the other side of the lodge), and has a children’s play centre staffed with experienced child minders. Children are taken on their own safari drive excursions in a purpose built 4x4 vehicle.


HIGH SEASON: 01 October 2016 - 14 December 2016
PEAK SEASON: 15 December 2016 - 28 February 2017
HIGH SEASON: 01 March 2017 - 30 April 2017
LOW SEASON: 01 May 2017 - 30 September 2017
HIGH SEASON: 01 October 2017 - 14 December 2017
PEAK SEASON: 15 December 2017 - 31 December 2017 

Average StayAverage Stay

To get the most out of your safari experience at Lalibela Private Game Reserve we recommend that guests spend at least 2 or 3 nights with us.

Children PolicyChild Policy

The overnight rate for children under 12 is 50% of the adult rate, and includes accommodation, children’s programme & game drives, all meals and all drinks at Mark’s Camp and on game drives.

There is a special game drive vehicle for children and they are taken by their own ranger for shorter game drives, where care is taken to avoid close encounters with dangerous game.

Other features of the children’s programme include arts and crafts, bush skills, African stories, special child-friendly food and babysitting during certain hours (including adult dinner and game drives).

Contact and Social Media

To find out more, visit Tree Tops Safari Lodge's website.

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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