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Caroline Grayburn

Caroline Grayburn

Goodacre and Townsend

About Caroline

Caroline Grayburn began her safari career in Zambia and Malawi, followed by South Africa working with horse safaris. More recently she spent five years working in Botswana and then Kenya. She has a great love and understanding of Africa and since returning to the UK she has visited many other African countries, some a number of times, including Mali, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda and Botswana.

Goodacre & Townsend (G&T)

The G&T Senior Management team each have over 20 years experience in the luxury travel industry. We have a very real passion for travel and admit to being somewhat obsessive in our attention to detail.

We enjoy the opportunity of discussing destinations, the most recent hotel openings, the new chef appointment, the latest spa treatments, the views from a particular villa.

We have had varied careers, from Marine Insurance to Accountancy, before venturing in to the travel industry and are therefore well placed to offer travel advice from different perspectives. We’ve travelled on business and we’ve lived abroad. Between us we have children currently ranging from 18 months to 7 years old – we’ve flown with babies and toddlers, we have tried and tested kids clubs, booked baby sitters and stayed in the so called child friendly hotels.

We all continue to travel regularly. Experiencing the hotels, camps and villas that we sell as well as meeting the owners and managers of these properties allows us to recommend the most suitable properties and room types. In addition the opportunity to visit a particular region and see its attractions provides us with the all-essential “feel” of a destination.

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