Delta Dunes Lodge
Relax in style Hippo
Relax in style

Delta Dunes Lodge

Delta Dunes Lodge is known to many people as 'the wild place by the sea' and one of the ultimate safari beach destinations. Located amidst massive tall sand dunes, offering each room views over the vast Tana Delta as far as the eye can see, or else over the Indian Ocean. Each of the seven rooms (including one family unit)is fashioned from local materials and driftwood giving them a rustic-Robinson Crusoe feel... yet all have the necessary modern amenities (en-suite bathrooms, 24-hour power and so forth). Enjoyed as a family destination but also frequented by honeymooners as well - there are so many activities for everyone to enjoy and each person can enjoy their surroundings at their own pace. Delta Dunes is the perfect escape for all ages to unwind and catch up with themselves...




The location! There is nothing else like it... the Tana Delta is a unique wetland that has just been designated as a Ramsar wetland site. This ecologically important area is well worth exploring - and you can visit the projects the lodge works on with the Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust in order to conserve this amazing wetland! The perfect place to escape to...

Need to Know

The best way to get to Delta Dunes is to charter a flight and land directly at our own airstrip. This can be done from either Malindi or Lamu! The next best way is to get a scheduled flight (with Air Kenya, Kenya Airways or Mombasa Air) to either of these towns where the Delta Dunes vehicle will be waiting to meet you and take you the 2.5 hour drive to the jetty where it is just a 20 minute boat ride to the lodge! This is also fun as you get to see more of the delta, and the hippos!

Wildlife HighlightsWildlife Highlights

This is the only wetland of it's kind in East Africa. It is designated Ramsar Wetland site as well as an internationally recognised Important Bird Area. The migration season during the beginning of the year is a fantastic time for bird life in the delta! There are a number of endangered flora and fauna species residing in the Tana Delta, such as the Tana Mangabey and Red Colobus monkeys. As a wetland area hippos, crocodiles, buffalo, waterbuck and topi are more frequently seen, and plenty of evidence is seen of the more elusive elephant, mane-less lion and leopard!

Local ActivitiesLocal Activities

River cruise and bird watching; Visiting the local indigenous communities and their traditional dances and customs; visit Mulikani Bandas - community tourism and fishing; bush walks in the delta tracking resident and endangered wildlife; trip to Tana River Primate Reserve


Swimming pool, speed boat, water-skis, creek-fishing boat and tackle, sand yachts, kayaks, body-surfing boards, tubes for tubing, masseuse


7 'dune' cottages, a mix of doubles and singles, nestled among the sand dunes; including one family unit and one more suited to honeymooning couples. All of the rooms are very much 'open-fronted' to take in the full aspect of the magnificent views. They are all en-suite with flushing loos and hot water. All rooms have 24-hour power available and charging sockets.


Tripadvisor - all the comments on Tripadvisor are either Excellent or Very Good which we feels gives a good indication as to hoe people generally feel about Delta Dunes!


Delta Dunes is open all year round except for May and June during the long rains.

Average StayAverage Stay

The best length of stay at Delta Dunes, taking in traveling days and all the activities to enjoy, is 3 or 4 nights. Over this length of stay one can even enjoy a trip to the local community 'bandas' c

Average PriceAverage Room Prices

(per person per night unless otherwise stated)

Delta Dunes is $300 per adult per night excluding drinks from the bar and some activities are extra if they require more fuel (such as water-skiing). Conservation fee for the Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust is $50 per person per night. A package rate is available though to anyone that would prefer!

Children PolicyChild Policy

Delta Dunes is perfect for children and families! Some advance warning on the age of our guests is always required though so we can get the cot ready if necessary. Parents also have to bear in mind that the rooms are very much open-fronted with barriers so they are not very suited to young children just crawling.

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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