Emerson on Hurumzi
Bed Hurumzi Top Landing Hurumzi
Bed Hurumzi
Top Landing Hurumzi

Emerson on Hurumzi

The venerable “Emerson on Hurumzi”, Grande Dame of restored palaces in Zanzibar has returned to service in collaboration with “Emerson Spice”. 

The main house that today hosts Emerson on Hurumzi has particular historical significance since it was built in the 1870’s by the famous Torian Thopia that served as a principal financial adviser to Sultan Bargash.

The recent refurbishment attempts to maintain the quality and style of the period in which it was built whilst combining period antique furnishings with color and comfort of the 21st century, a curiously magnificent building with historical significance and unique style.

The rooftop tea house restaurant, the highest tea house in stonetown, is open for lunch, dinner and sunset cocktails.

Our dinner cuisine is designed to marry the culture and style of the building with the distinct culinary heritage of the era, our menu celebrates the pleasure of oriental Persian and Omani dishes. 

Musicians from Dhow Country Music Academy play traditional Zanzibar Tarab during dinner most evenings



Need to Know

Check availabilty on Cloudbeds:  https://emersoncollection.cloudbeds.com/#/?city=all&check_in=13/08/2016&check_out=14/8/2016&page=1

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Local ActivitiesLocal Activities


Zanzibar Stone Town offers a unique cultural experience, fascinating street life, a range of restaurants, interesting shopping, annual Music and Film festivals such as Sauti za Busara and ZIFF, and traditional music concerts at The Dhow Countries Music Academy.

Zanzibar is small and easy to get around. Nothing on the island is more than an hour away. We can arrange excursions to the coasts, or boat trips to the marine parks, sandbanks and islands nearby. Spice tours, City tours, Cultural tours, Art and Architecture tours are best from town.


The Rooms

1st June 2016 we open the hotel with 10 rooms, six newly refurbished double rooms plus two double rooms and two suites in the Peace & Love wing of the hotel.

The double rooms have one queen size double antique Swahili bed, and enclosed en suite WC with bath and shower that is open or semi-open to the room. Therefore the double rooms are not suitable as twins, although we can add an extra bed for a small child or baby cot when needed. There are twin rooms in case two separate beds are needed.

Minimum stay of two nights

Average StayAverage Stay

2 nights

Average PriceAverage Room Prices

(per person per night unless otherwise stated)


Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at safariawards.com.

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