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Maasai Trails - Jan's Camp

The Maasai Trails is all about enhancing ones understanding of a different culture, exploration, and escaping into a world of breath-taking beauty. Walking along ancient trails left by the Maasai over hundreds of years, guests get to experience the African bush in a different and more fulfilling way than any other safari. Your guides, local Maasai from the Loita area, are eager to share their customs and culture, whilst teaching you the lore of the bush.

This small low impact camp and mobile camp are a sustainable method to bring income to the local people whilst protecting the natural surroundings of the Loita Hills and sacred Forest, as well as their culture!




The Loita Maasai lead you on these trails are reputed to be the most conservative of this tribe, dedicated to their traditions, ceremonies and rites of passage. As a people, the Maasai have struggled over the years to maintain their culture and have shied away from large scale developments and lodges that comprise other parts of Eastern Africa… thus is the beauty of Maasai Trails and Jan’s Camp.

Need to Know

How to get there, by road 5-6 hour drive from Nairobi. Drive to Narok and take the road to Sekanani gate.Drive 52 km from Narok to the end of the tarmac, the road goes
straight on to Sekanani gate or you turn left to Ol Mutia gate.



The Trails can vary in number of days and any number of people can join from one up to 14, but the trails stay the same and all begin from Jan’s Camp where the donkeys who carry the camp are weighed and packed. Whether one wants to walk into the sacred Loita forest to a hidden waterfall, to the edge of the Great Rift Valley, or find a way of combining all the trails … the beauty of Maasai Trails is the flexibility, and they are happy to accommodate any experience in this beautiful wilderness.

There are number of trails to choose from, these include:

The Great Rift Valley Trek (6 days - 5 nights),

The Oltyiani (4 days - 3 nights),

River Trail (5 days - four nights).  

Wildlife HighlightsWildlife Highlights

Your exposed to a vast range of amazing vegeation, ancient trees, deep forest. Unusual game and birds can be spotted along the traisl. 

Local ActivitiesLocal Activities

As you walk through the ancient forest, you will come across a number of exciting and unique experiences. Views will stretch across the Great Rift Valley, stunning colours and landscapes are on offer. Cool off in fresh water rivers and springs, shower under huge waterfalls. 

Witness the landscapes change from deep, dense forests to open glades and waterholes with impressive rock formations on the Olmelil ridge.

Along the way your Maasai guides will be pointing out the various flora and explaining their way of life in the forest.


All our walking safaris are equipped and packed at Jan’s camp. 

 Bedroll is supplied for each client (mattress/pillows/towel/sheets/duvet/hot water bottle)
 We use 4x4 African Bell Tents
 Each tent uses a canvas wash basin outside.
 Each tent comes with a light.
 Toilet and showers are provided.
 Mess tent


It has two different types of accommodation that each complement and enhance their surroundings.

Fusion Huts:
• 3 trail huts have their own toilets and shower areas.
• Each hut has a different character and
accommodates 2 people.
• Private Kitchen
• Private Dining tent.

Tented Accommodation
• Two family tents on the edge of the forest.
• Can accommodate 6 people.
• Private toilet and showers.
• Private kitchen and dining. 



Open all year. 

Average StayAverage Stay

Four nights, five days. 

Children PolicyChild Policy

The trails are not suitable for anyone under 7 years old. 

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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