Lamai Serengeti
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Lamai Serengeti

You can see from this outcrop, the Kogakuria Kopje, for miles and miles. Over a million wildebeest cross these plains on their way to dodge the jaws of death in the Mara River, just down the track.  On the Lamai Wedge, bristling with mammals all year round, there’s never a dull moment. Above it all, our beautiful kopje is a sacred wildlife haven – and our mission is to act as its faithful guardians.




'To see, but not to be seen; to listen, but not to be heard.' This is the promise at Lamai Serengeti, where the rooms are slotted in to the kopje and the Serengeti wildebeest migration charges past oblivious between July and October. We also love it when the migration moves south between November - March, and in its wake, all the mobile camps - leaving us our own private Serengeti wilderness and masses of resident game.

Need to Know

Lamai Serengeti is a perfect choice for those looking for style and comfort but without distancing themselves from nature. The rooms are all open fronted, with netting that can be zipped closed. This is migration central between July - October and for the rest of the year, there is plenty of big resident game and great birdlife to see without the crowds.


Game drives 

Seasonal walking 

Kopje top sundowners 


Community visits

Wildlife HighlightsWildlife Highlights

Migration and river crossings from July to October, the big five, great birdlife, stunning scenery and very few people between November and March with incredble resident wildlife. 


Swimming pool, bar and lounge with a cosey fireplace. Private camp for small groups and families.


Lamai is made up of twelve rooms in two lodges - private and main camp. Each en-suite room has its own private verandah with an epic view and each lodge has a private bar, dining area and swimming pool. All rooms are open fronted but can be zipped closed with netting if required. 


June - March

Average StayAverage Stay

3-4 nights

Average PriceAverage Room Prices

(per person per night unless otherwise stated)


Children PolicyChild Policy

Children over 8 years in the main camp and over 5 years in the private camp are very welcome.

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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