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United Kingdom

The On Track Foundation is a UK charity (Reg Charity No 1158893). 
Our principal aim is the promotion of the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment and sustainable wildlife management, primarily in Africa and the UK. 
We achieve these aims by backing wildlife conservation, research, education, cultural preservation and conservation projects

About Us

The foundations work aims to benefit wildlife conservation projects that are researching and or protecting endangered or vulnerable species and in doing so also educate local communities as to the value of protecting those species. It is by creating an understanding of the value of the presence of wildlife species with local communities that we can enable sustainable wildlife conservation. The On Track Foundation is supported by On Track Safaris in the form of unencumbered annual donations sufficient to cover the foundations administration costs and provide additional funding to the foundation. Description of the charitable role and defined need: Background Over the last ten years, the founder (Mr William Fox) has worked in support of wildlife conservation projects in several countries, primarily in South Africa. This has lead to an in-depth understanding of the specific needs for charitable support to back small-scale conservation projects that are too small to appear on the radar of large conservation charities and aid organizations. Nevertheless it is these small projects that are addressing local conservation efforts and are in need of support. Our aims The On Track Foundation aims to back holistic solutions to local community issues pertaining to the protection of vulnerable species. This holistic approach can be defined as requiring an integrated three-tier approach: Wildlife Research and Conservation – The foundation aims to back local wildlife research and conservation projects in areas that are affected by tourism with the free supply of equipment and materials and to offer volunteer wildlife professionals, advice and specialist field support if required. It should be noted that in most cases, research tools and equipment could be purchased in the UK at significantly lower costs than elsewhere enabling the foundation to provide low cost solutions to local issues. Community education – Providing support for community schools that are associated with or located in the vicinity of the wildlife research and conservation projects that are being supported. This support aimed at assisting in local community education to encourage local recognition and development of the value of wildlife species. Community health care – The foundation aims to augment its support to local communities by providing volunteer health professionals (where deemed necessary) to offer medical and public health advice, education and in some cases field support. Specific roles: Providing specialist equipment, materials to small wildlife conservation (non commercial) organisations and research grants to individuals in support of wildlife research. Providing specialist conservation professionals to give advice, education and mentoring to conservation projects. Providing specialist volunteers to work ‘in country’ providing conservation and research assistance. Providing humanitarian support in the form of volunteer professional medical staff to areas identified by and associated with the conservation projects as detailed above. Management Team. The board of trustees is made up from a diversity of professionals whose collective skills and experience provide a balanced managerial team. The Board of Trustees Mr William Fox (Chairman) - Originally an Engineer with over 25 years in large project management within the oil and gas sector and UK Ministry of Defence. For the last ten years Mr Fox has dedicated his time to supporting African wildlife conservation through tourism. He is the CEO of On Track Safaris and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Dr Christopher Cowgill –Dr Gowgill is an independent financial advisor operating in the City of London providing financial and tax advice to the board. Dr Jennifer Fox – Dr Fox is a medical doctor working within the UK health service, specializing in A&E and Public health.

Mission Statement

Provide support wildlife research, education, cultural preservation and conservation projects in areas affected by tourism.


Our main focus is to assimilate data on the behaviour and density of the African leopard, by offering support to approved research projects. Leopards are the last of the big five roaming free outside game reserves and national parks in South Africa. It is here (the largest land mass of Africa), where leopards are under threat. The On Track Foundation supports and funds INGWE Leopard Research www.ingweleopard.org The ILR is gathering data on leopard density, behaviour and population dynamics outside of formally protected areas, enabling reasoned policy decisions to be made. Remarkably this data does not currently exist.

Our Successes

INGWE Leopard Research has identified and monitored the behaviour of over sixty leopards over the last seven years. All data is free supplied and reported to the provincial authorities and universities both in the South Africa and the UK. Funding is now available to expand the On Track Foundations role in facilitating other leopard research programs and co-ordinating the resultant data. Community education programs have enabled over 300 pupils to visit wildlife reserves and gain a better understanding of African wildlife and conservation.

Get Involved

You can help protect and conserve leopards by becoming a camera trapper. Camera Trappers gives you the opportunity to be connected with wildlife in the African bush from wherever you live in the world. Not only will you be connected with Africa but you will also be supporting vital wildlife research aimed at conserving leopard numbers and other species. So how does it work? Our research teams already utilise an extensive network of camera traps placed on game reserves, but we need more cameras. By increasing the number of cameras we can increase our research areas and collect more data to be able to provide sufficient information to model leopard behaviour and numbers. By joining On Track Camera Trappers program you will be actively supporting our research, as well as enjoying some amazing wildlife pictures sent to you each month. Camera traps are digital cameras that are set out along game trails in remote locations within our various research sites. These camera traps are triggered by movement and operate 24 x 7, secretly recording the movement of animals without need for human presence or disruption of nature. You can join the On Track team of camera trappers either as a subscriber, or citizen scientist, or (and by far the most popular method) you can have your own camera in Africa. http://www.ingweleopard.org/styled/cameratrappers.html

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at safariawards.com.

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