Project Luangwa
Educating Girls Supplying Text Books
Educating Girls
Supplying Text Books

Project Luangwa



Project Luangwa is a NGO registered in the UK, USA and Zambia that operates in the South Luangwa area of Zambia providing support for Education.

Mission Statement

To ensure that the people of the Luangwa Valley gain the full benefit of tourism by investing in education.


We are currently building a new 1x3 classroom block and teachers house at Mwendakwisano Community School, rebuilding Kapita Community School which includes a total of 7 new classrooms, and building a large 4 classroom block and administration centre at Mfuwe Day School. We also sponsor over 170 pupils to secondary school as well as 10 students at college and university. We also support a number of teachers and provide text books, e-learning and school materials. This year has seen the launch of our new Wormens Craft Workshop.

Our Successes

Over the last four years we have completed 13 classrooms for local schools. We have also built special female toilets, a science block and the largest library in the Eastern Province . . . and filled it with books. With funding by the Bushcamp Company we have also constructed 2 classroom blocks, 4 pupils’ dormitories, refurbished another girls dormitory, built 2 large ablution blocks. We’ve sunk boreholes; started pre-schools; distributed over $69,000 worth of text books; put $30,000 worth of ZeduPad tablet computers into 2 schools; converted offices and stores into well stocked school libraries; started reading and literacy schemes; provided wheelchairs to disabled kids allowing them to go to school, often for the first time; and started a Girls’ club to help address issues of gender inequality. Each year we sponsor over 170 school pupils who would not otherwise be able to attend school and are now seeing the results as they go off to colleges and universities. We sponsor students studying to be doctors, pharmacists and teachers and fund teachers to teach in community schools where there is an acute shortage of teachers.

Get Involved

Project Luangwa welcomes support from private individuals, trust funds a companies

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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