The Manor at Samara

The Manor at Samara

The exclusive use Manor at Samara offers total privacy for parties of up to 8 guests in 4 luxury double en-suite rooms with services including personal ranger, chef and butler.  Unwind on the patio and gaze over the 21m infinity pool at the water-hole where game come to slake their thirst in the early morning and late afternoon.  Catch up on some reading in the stylish lounge and enjoy meals in the bright airy dining-room or alfresco on the lawn.


South Africa


  • WALK AND STALK – Track cheetah, giraffe, and other species including plants and trees, on foot with your experienced ranger.
  • DINE AL FRESCO –enjoy some of your meals in an al fresco bush setting with unsurpassed views and only the sounds of nature as a backdrop and the vast Karoo sky overhead.
  • RISE BEFORE THE SUN – Be part of an amazing sunrise on-top of the mountain and witness the waking sounds of nature’s orchestra as birds and various species call out just before sunrise.

  • WISH UPON A KAROO STAR - Join your ranger after dinner for a star gazing nightcap, where you will be taken through the constellations which feel so close that you can almost touch them.

Need to Know

The Karoo is a well kept secret but those who venture there it provides space to breathe and dream.

Heart-stoppingly beautiful, is how award-winning Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, is ultimately described.  Nestled in an amphitheatre of mountains on 70,000 acres, where wildlife roams again.


Two game drives per day included in our rates.  Your experienced guide will take you to the plains of Camdeboo and up to the top of Kondoa, perhaps for a picnic with views to infinity. 

Walk and stalk the cheetah and get up and personal with the rhino.  Stare skyward and experience the true height of the calm and gentle giraffe.  Be amazed at the wonderful and secretive aardvark.

Wildlife HighlightsWildlife Highlights

Egyptian Free-Tailed Bat    
Cape Serotine Bat    
Egyptian Slit-Faced Bat    
Schreiber's Long-fingered Bat    
Geoffrey's Horseshoe Bat    
Black-Backed Jackal    
Cape Fox    
Bat-Eared Fox    
Cape Clawless Otter    
Striped Polecat    
Water Mongoose    
Yellow Mongoose    
Small Grey Mongoose    
Suricate (Meerkat)    
Small-Spotted Genet    
Small Spotted Cat    
Elephant Shrews    
Smiths Rock Elephant Shrew    
Round-Eared Elephant Shrew    
Hares and Rabbits    
Scrub Hare    
Smith's Red Rock Rabbit    
Rock Hyrax    
Forest Shrew    
Reddish Grey Musk Shrew    
South African Hedgehog*    
Velvet Monkey    
Chacma Baboon    
Ungulates Even-toed    
Springbuck Klipspringer  
Steenbuck Bushpig  
Kudu Giraffe  
Eland Waterbuck  
Oryx/Gemsbok Red Hartebeest  
Common Duiker Black Wildebeest  
Mountain Reedbuck Blesbuck  
Grey Rhebok Nyala  
Ungulates Odd-toed    
Burchell's/Plains Zebra    
White Rhinoceros    
Cape Mountain/Zebra    
Black Rhinoceros    
Ground Squirrel Spectacled Dormouse  
Common Molerat Karoo Bushrat  
Springhare African Porcupine  
Pouched Mouse Pygmy Mouse  
Striped Mouse    
African Harrier Hawk/Gymnogene Bustard, Ludwigs Amur, falcon
Apalis, Bar-Throated Buzzard, Jackal Buzzard , Lizard
Avocet, Pied Buzzard, Steppe Cuckoo , Klaa's
Barbet, Acacia Pied Canary, Black-Headed Cuckoo , Black
Batis, Cape Canary, Cape Grey , Winged Francolin
Batis, Pirit Canary, Streaky-Headed Seedeater Stilt , Black- winged
Bee-Eater, European Canary, White-Throated Plover , Kittlitz's Plover
Bishop, Southern Red Canary, Yellow-Fronted Courser , Burchell's
Bokmakierie Cchat, African Stone Courser , Double Banded
Boubou, Southern Chat, Anteating Cuckoo , Greater Spoted
Bulbul, African Red-Eyed Chat, Familiar Roller , European
Greenbul, Sombre Chat, Mountain Lark , Eastern Clapper
Bunting, Cape Cisticola, Grey-Backed Lark , Rufous-Naped 
Bunting, Cinnamon-Breasted Cisticola, Levaillant's Lark , Capped Lark
Bunting, Golden-Breasted Cisticola, Zitting Tit-Babbler , Chestnut-vented
Bunting, Larklike Cormorant, Reed Crombec Long-Billed
Bustard, Denham's Crane, Blue Apalis , Bar-Throated
Bustard, Kori Crombec, Long-Billed Flycatcher , African Paradise
Crow, Cape Falcon, Lanner Sparrow-Weaver,White Browed 
Crow, Pied Falcon, Peregrine Bishop,Southern Red 
Cuckoo, Diederiks Finch, Red-Headed Canary, Yellow
Cuckoo, Jacobin Finch, Scaly-Headed Canary , Streaky-Headed Seed Eater
Cuckoo,, Red-Chested Finchlark, Grey-Backed Teal, Cape
Dove, Cape Turtle Flycatcher, Fairy Teal, Red Billed
Dove, Laughing Flycatcher, Fiscal Duck , White Faced
Dove, Namaqua Flycatcher, Spotted Goose, Spur-Winged
Dove, Red-Eyed Francolin, Grey-Winged Stork, Black
Drongo, Fork-Tailed Goose, Egyptian  
Duck, African Black Goshawk, Gabar  
Duck, Yellow-Billed Goshawk, Southern Pale Chanting  
Eagle, Black/Verreaux's Grebe, Little  
Eagle, Booted Guineafowl, Helmeted  
Eagle, Martial Hammerkop  
Egret,Cattle Harrier, Black  
Egret, Little Heron, Black-Headed  
Eremomela, Yellow-Bellied Heron, Grey  
Honeyguide, Greater Lark, Cape Long-Billed  
Honeyguide, Lesser Lark, Sabota  
Hoopoe African Longclaw, Cape  
Hornbill, Grey Martin, Bron-Throated  
Ibis, African Sacred Martin, House  
Ibis, Hadeda Martin, Rock  
Kestrel, Lesser Martin, Sand  
Kestrel, Rock Moorhen, Common  
Kingfisher, Brown-Hooded Mousebird, Red-Faced  
Kingfisher, Malachite Mousebird, Speckled  
Kingfisher, Pied Mousebird, White-Backed  
Kite, Black-Shouldered Nedicky  
Kite, Yellow-Billed Nightjar, Fiery-Necked  
Korhaan, Karoo Nightjar, Rufous-Cheeked  
Korhaan, Southern Black Ostrich  
Lapwing, Blacksmith Owl, African Grass  
Lapwing, Crowned Owl, African Scops  
Lark, Cape Clapper Owl, Barn  
Owl, Cape Eagle Secretarybird  
Owl, Spotted Eagle Shelduck, South African  
Owl, Wood Shrike, Common Fiscal  
Pigeon, Rameron Shrike, Red-Backed  
Pigeon, Speckled Snake Eagle, Black-Chested  
Pipit, African Sparrow, Cape  
Pipit, Plain-Backed Sparrow, Grey-Headed  
Plover, Kittlitz's Sparrow, House  
Plover, Three-Banded Sparrow, Yellow-Throated  
Prinia, Karoo Sparrow Hawk, Black  
Prinia, Namaqua Sparrow-Hawk, Little  
Quail, Common Sparrow-Hawk, Red-Breasted  
Quelea, Red-Billed Starling, Cape Glossy  
Raven, White-Necked Starling, Pale-Winged  
Robin-Chat, Cape Starling, Pied  
Robin, Karoo Scrub Starling, Red-Winged  
Robin, White-Browed Scrub Starling, Wattled  
Sandgruse, Namaqua Stork, White  
Sunbird, Amethyst Titbabbler, Lanyard's  
Sunbird, Malachite Vulture, Cape/Griffon  
Sunbird, Southern Double Collared Wagtail, Cape  
Swallow, Barn Warbler, Lesser Swamp  
Swallow, Greater-Striped Warbler, Rufous-Eared  
Swallow, Pearl-Breasted Warbler, Willow  
Swallow, White-Throated Waxbill, Blue  
Swift, Alpine Waxbill, Common  
Swift, Common Waxbill, Swee  
Swift, Little Weaver, Cape  
Swift, White-Rumped Weaver,Southern Masked  
Tchagra, Southern White-eye, Cape  
Thick-Knee, Spotted Whydah, Pin-Tailed  
Thrush, Cape Rock Wood-Hoopoe, Green  
Thrush, Olive Woodpecker, Cardinal  
Tit, Cape Penduline Woodpecker, Ground  
Tit, southern Grey    
Titbabbler, Common    
Common egg-eater Mole snake  
Brown house snake Sundevall's shovel snout  
Cape cobra Montane grass snake  
Puff adder Red-lipped snake  
Karoo whip snake Coral snake  
Spotted Skaapsteker Rinkhals  
Spotted house snake Horned adder  
Cape wolf snake Plain mountain adder  
Golden sand-skink Spotted thick-toed gecko  
Ground agama Marico thick-toed gecko  
Southern rock-agama Eastern cape crag lizard  
Karoo dwarf chameleon Karoo thick-tailed gecko  
Karoo gerdled lizard Rock monitor lizard  
Occelated sand lizad Cape thick-toed gecko  
Nmaqua sand lizard Cape skink  
Bibrons thick-toed gecko Western rock skink  
Variegated skink Namaqua sand lizard  
Spotted desert lizard Namaqua plated lizard  
Burchells sand lizard Common long tailed seps  
Spotted sand lizard Cape girdled lizard  
Angulate  tortoise Greater padloper  
Mountain tortoise Cape terrapin  
Karoo padloper Tent tortoise  
Frogs and Toads    
Karoo Toad Cape River Frog  
Southern Pygmy Toad Common Platanna  
Commo Caco Giant Bullfrog  
Sweet Thorn Acacia karoo  
Karoo Viooltjie Aptosimum procumbes  
Mountain Aloe Aloe ferox  
Aloe Aloe broomii  
Shepherd's Tree Boscia oleoides  
Karoo Sage  Buddleja glomerata  
Cabbage Tree Cussonia spicata  
Firesticks  Diospyros austro-africana  
Blue Bush Diospyros lycioides  
Bladder Nut Diospyros whyteana  
Sand Olive Dodonea angustifolia  
Rhinoceros Bush Elytropappus rhinocerotis  
Blue Gwarrie Euclea crispa  
Common  Gwarrie Euclea undulata  
Yellow Euphorbia Euphprbia mauritanica  
Crossberry Bush Grewia occidentalis  
Honeythorn Lycium cinereum  
Wild Olive Olea europaea subsp africanum  
Jacket Plum Pappea capensis  
Spekboom Portulacaria afra  
Khuni Bush Rhus burchelli  
Nana Berry Rhus dentata  
Broom Karee Rhus erosa  
Mountain Karee Rhus lancea  
Thorny Taaibos Rhus longispina  
Firethorn Rhus Rhus pyroides  
Camphor Bush  Tarchonanthus camphoratus  
Red Grass Themeda Triandra  
Couch/Kweek Cynodon dactylon  
Buffalo Panicum Maximum  

Local ActivitiesLocal Activities

Game drives, swimming pool, bird watching, star gazing, relaxing


Each room has a luxury en-suite bathroom with free standing shower


Dining room

Fire pit in garden

TV in lounge

Reading nooks and library of books

21m infinity pool


2 x king size bed en-suite rooms

2 x twin bed en-suite rooms


* TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

* Voted Conde Nast Traveller Gold Standard

* Voted 12 Most Romantic Places in the World, Hello! Magazine

* Voted 4 Best Family Safari Holidays, The Telegraph
* Voted 15 Greatest Safari Experiences in Africa, Harper's Bazaar
* Voted Top 101 Hotels in the World, Tatler
* Voted Top 50 Romantic Destinations in the World, Travel and Leisure

* Voted Conde Nast Traveler Hot Spots List

Average StayAverage Stay

3 - 4 nights

Average PriceAverage Room Prices

(per person per night unless otherwise stated)


Children PolicyChild Policy

  • Children of all ages are welcome at Samara
  • Dedicated children’s programme on offer daily at Karoo Lodge
  • Only children of age 8 and over are allowed on scheduled game drives.Baby-sitting services available at R100.00 per hour.
  • All children before 3rd birthday, sharing with adults, are free of charge at Karoo Lodge (not Sibella suites), Manor House and Mountain Retreat
  • All guests of age 14 and over are required to take their own room at adult rates
  • A maximum of 2 children to be accommodated in Karoo Suites and a maximum of 1 child in Lodge Suites, sharing with two adults.

3 or more adults are not permitted to share rooms

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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