Tikki Hywood Trust
New born Ground Pangolin Team Tikki Hywood Trust
New born Ground Pangolin
Team Tikki Hywood Trust

Tikki Hywood Trust



Since establishment in 1994, the Tikki Hywood Trust has been and will continue to be 100% focused on conservation and preservation of wildlife and environment. Over the two decades of our operations we have moulded and adapted our processes to suite the need at hand. One such need that we have started addressing is the prosecution of wildlife crimes taking place in Zimbabwe. will appear here soon.

About Us

We are a small dynamic group of people who strive to protect, nurture and rescue all and any threatened wildlife. Working globally with like minded people who share our concerns, we aim to find positive solutions to the challenges that we face. Over the years we have developed relationships with our Governmental Authorities with the aim of empowering each department with both knowledge and awareness to wildlife related issues.


The Tikki Hywood Trust projects are as follows: - orphaned, injured, displaced wildlife rescue and rehabilitation - focal species as the pangolin is now the most trafficked mammal in the world - capacity training and streamlining of legislative procedures within the judiciary - community outreach - endangered wildlife research

Our Successes

With a spotlight being focused on illegal wildlife trade worldwide, I am proud to state that the Tikki Hywood Trust has worked tirelessly during 2014 in assisting the combat of this atrocity here in Zimbabwe. We are one of the only NGO's currently working with the Magistrates and the Public Prosecutors in bringing justice to the criminals who are caught in the act. Even though there is still a lot more work to be done on the wildlife law and the implementation of it, I do believe we have made great strides, in firstly learning and understanding the battles that we face and then on finding a mechanism which can overcome those obstacles. What has been both encouraging as well as enlightening, is the collaboration from the judiciary and their heartfelt understanding that the law must act as a deterrent and protect our heritage for the future generations.

Get Involved

Contact us to see how best you can assist with our projects.

Contact and Social Media

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at safariawards.com.

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