Time & Tide - Miavana
Miavana Villas Snorkelling right from the Miavana Village
Miavana Villas
Snorkelling right from the Miavana Village

Time & Tide - Miavana






Strung out along the island, every Villa has direct access to the white sandy beaches, turquoise water and coral reefs. The colours of the sand, wood and water have been brought inside the Villas and appear in hand dyed curtains, hand crafted chairs, and light fittings resembling old glass buoys. 

Every 1, 2 and 3 master bedroom Villa has their own kitchenette, lounge, private deck and pool overlooking the Indian Ocean and Madagascan mainland in the distance. Each Villa also has an ensuite study which can be turned into a child's bedroom for up to 2 children under 18. 


Miavana is open all year-round.

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To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at safariawards.com.

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