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Safari Awards - Register

To register as a voter with Safari Awards please complete the form to the right.

Choose a username and password, and you will be able to log in straight away. After you log in you will be returned to the page of the lodge you were last viewing.

We will also confirm your log in details by email. If you do not see it, try looking in your junk or spam folder. If you still do not see it, and would like a copy, you can request it to be sent again.

Why do I need a username and password?

In order to keep the Awards as transparent as possible, we need to be able to match a voter ID with votes. This prevents multiple voting by the same individual and eliminates spam-bots.

Can I use the same login every time I visit the site?

Yes. If you can’t remember your username and password we will always re-send it if you want to log in another time and support another nominee.